Rockville Centre Pharmacy


A taste of the good old days

Jakes Pharmacies has a vision to help local doctors and local patients get the treatments that they need. This includes compounding and specialized fertility drugs. By catering to the subscribing doctors in the community Jakes Pharmacies has provided a taste of the good old days when people had relationships with people and service was everything.

Our Locations


Rockville Centre Pharmacy
30 Hempstead Avenue, Suite 156
Rockville Centre, New York 11570
(located inside the medical building)


Phone:(800) 540-6889  
 (516) 764-6161


Fax:  (516) 678-3246



Outside picture West Hempstead Pharmacy

West Hempstead Pharmacy
449 Hempstead Avenue
West Hempstead, New York (NY)

phone: (516) 292-6161

fax: (516) 292-6169


Ryan Medical Pharmacy
2000 North Village Avenue

Suite 107

Rockville Centre, NY 11570

(Located inside the Ryan Medical Building)


Phone:  (516) 362-2422
 Fax: (516) 442-6111




Please do not get confused. We have two locations listed. Be sure you use the right address and right phone number so you can get your prescriptions from the right place.